Mini-Course: An introduction to Philosophy with Children

On Thursday 8th May, the SOPHIA Board are offering a mini-course in Zagreb preceding the Network Meeting as an introduction in Philosophising with Children. The mini-course is meant as a broad introduction to Philosophising with Children, the idea is that it should be helpful to those new to philosophy with children as well as acting as a introduction to those wanting to attend the network meeting, or find out more about different ways of doing philosophy with children.

Workshops this year include:

Matthew Lipman’s Way into Philosophy – run by former President of SOPHIA and founder of  Epic International Consultants, Dr Catherine McCall, who pioneered Philosophy with Children with Lipman in 1984 in the US.

* Philosophy First – Stimulus Second – run by Ed Weijers of Epic International Consultants

* Iffing: An Introduction to The Philosophy Foundation’s Philosophical Enquiry – run by Peter Worley, President of SOPHIA and co-founder of The Philosophy Foundation

* A Petit Philosophy project “Look in to your own thinking” run by Bruno Ćurko from Petit Philosophy

The mini-course is €45 for the whole day and will only run if we have a minimum of 20 people booked, and there is a maximum of 30 for the day, so please book now to avoid disappointment. To register for either the Network Meeting and / or the Mini-Course visit our registration page.




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